AR Picatinny Mount for GoPro

AR Picatinny Mount for GoPro w/ Keeper (Part #1012)





$39.95 Mount


International orders WELCOME



The mount is designed to be attached on the Weaver Picatinny rail.

Mounts work on all GoPro cameras including Hero, Hero2, Hero3, Hero3+, Hero 4, Hero+ and Session. It allows the camera to stay low profile either pointing at you or your target.

  1. Ensure your firearm is unloaded and always pointed in a safe direction (Treat all firearms as if they are loaded)
  2. Remove the Allen head bolt (wrench not included)
  3. Install the mount on the rail
  4. Tighten the Allen head down with mount in desired location

keeperTo install your Keeper for GoPro

  1. Unscrew the GoPro screw securing the base and remove
  2. Insert the screw through the center hole of the keeper
  3. Place between the small base and camera with the small notch down
  4. Tighten the GoPro screw (the screw in the knob can back out if the knob will not tighten use a Philips screw driver to tighten)
  5. Without the keeper installed expect the camera to kick forward upon firing.

gpplugAlways install the GoPro Rubber Plug (came with your camera) and a tether around barrel, scope, or bow when installing your GoPro on any weapon so it will not come off.

We do our best to ship next business day. 

Please never attach any accessory including a camera mount to a firearm without ensuring it is unloaded. Always keep any firearm pointed in a safe direction. Capture Your Hunt assumes no responsibility for the safe behavior of the installer but asks that you follow safe practices when handling any firearm.

21 Responses to AR Picatinny Mount for GoPro

  1. Don Beck says:

    Do you offer a go-pro mount that attached to a camera tripod?
    It should have a threaded hole on bottom to except a standard
    1/4″ x 20 bolt found on all camera tripods.

  2. Jeffrey Wermuth says:


    Just want to ask what material this mount is made of? Is it metal? Thanks!

  3. shey says:

    Do you need to buy a separate part so tht they camera doesn’t move with the recoil?

  4. do you have a mount that will allow it to film through my eotech

  5. Lisa Jernigan says:

    Will this mount to a Christian Arms AR 15?

  6. carlo says:

    hey I have a Mossberg tri-rail 12ga with the picatinny rail on the pump will this work for it?
    Also have a Mossberg tactical .22 will this Gopro mount work for that picatinny rail?

  7. Eirik says:

    Why wont it work an a gun? A gun with a rail on it.

  8. Ryan says:

    Why has this model been discontinued? Do you have any other picatinny mount systems available?

    • Chris Stites says:

      We are currently redesigning the picatinny mount had some fit issues we needed to resolve. Check back the 2nd week of August and we should have one with your name on it. Thanks for the question, Chris

  9. source says:

    Fantastic Stuff, do you have a youtube profile?

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