Products for GoPro


Mounts work on all GoPro cameras including Hero, Hero2, Hero3, Hero3+, Hero4, Hero Plus, and Hero 4 Session

Recoil Keeper

keeper Recoil Keeper for GoPro -$4.55


Camo Skins for GoPro -$18.95

The One

PDFFitment Guide

   Shotgun Rifle Mount for GoPro1      “The One” Barrel Mount for Most Shotguns and Rifles   $59.95


PDFFitment Guide

under Right Shotgun Under Forearm Mount for GoPro -$32.95

LR Right Shotgun Left or Right Mount for GoPro  -$32.95


Sling Right Shotgun Sling Cap Mount for GoPro -$41.95

maxispointed Browning Maxus Mount for GoPro -$41.95

Mossberg 500 Right-up  Mossberg 500 Series for GoPro -$32.95


Rifle new 6    Rifle 1″ Scope Mount for GoPro -$41.95



30mm Front Rifle Scope 30mm Mount for GoPro


AR Picatinny Weaver Style Mount


AR Picatinny Rail Mount for GoPro -$39.95


Crossbow 1″Scope Mount for GoPro -41.95


Bow Mount for GoPro -$32.95

Dog Mounts

Dog Vest Mount for GoPro -$37.95

Dog Harness Mount for GoPro -$59.95

Head Strap

Head GoPro Head Strap Mount -$12.99

Grab Bag

GoPro GrabBag_Mounts_1 GoPro Grab Bag– Comes with Rubber Plug and Tether -$19.99


Accessories for Mounts

Please be aware failure of the sticky mount is possible, in some extreme situations we have received information that the sticky pad has released from the mount. In addition, the life span of the adhesive tape may be significantly altered by weather conditions. As such, is not responsible for the loss of any camera or parts. In an instance where the sticky pad two way adhesive tape fails please notify us immediately and we will get you a replacement unit for up to two years at no cost.

Please never attach any accessory including a camera mount to a firearm without ensuring it is unloaded. Always keep any firearm pointed in a safe direction. Capture Your Hunt assumes no responsibility for the safe behavior of the installer but asks that you follow safe practices when handling any firearm.



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