Bow Mount for GoPro

Bow Mount for GoPro w/ Keeper (Part #1011)

Mount $32.95

Includes Keeper, Camera Type :

Highly Recommended, Tether $1.95

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The bow mount is designed to be attached utilizing your stabilizer.  Works with all GoPro Cameras Hero, Hero2, Hero3, Hero3+, Hero 4, Hero Plus, and Hero 4 Session. The mount allows you to mount your camera at or below the level of your bow holding hand.

Install as Follows:

  1. Ensure your firearm is unloaded and always pointed in a safe direction (Treat all firearms as if they are loaded)
  2. Remove your stabilizer
  3. Insert stabilizer through the mount (GoPro should be on the same side as your fingers on the bow).
  4. Install and tighten the stabilizer with mount installed perpendicular to you bow and install your GoPr0

keeperTo install your Keeper for GoPro

  1. Unscrew the GoPro screw securing the base and remove
  2. Insert the screw through the center hole of the keeper
  3. Place between the small base and camera with the small notch down
  4. Tighten the GoPro screw (the screw in the knob can back out if the knob will not tighten use a Philips screw driver to tighten)
  5. Without the keeper installed expect the camera to kick forward upon firing.

gpplugAlways install the GoPro Rubber Plug (came with your camera) and a tether around barrel, scope, or bow when installing your GoPro on any weapon so it will not come off.

We do our best to ship next business day.


Please be aware failure of the sticky mount is possible, we have received information that some sticky pads have released from the mount. We recommend a tether that goes around the body of the bow, crossbow or firearm you are using. In addition, the life span of the adhesive tape may be significantly altered by weather conditions. As such, is not responsible for the loss of any camera or parts. In an instance where the sticky pad two way adhesive tape fails please notify us immediately and we will get you a replacement unit for up to 12 months at no cost.

Please never attach any accessory including a camera mount to a firearm without ensuring it is unloaded. Always keep any firearm pointed in a safe direction. Capture Your Hunt assumes no responsibility for the safe behavior of the installer but asks that you follow safe practices when handling any firearm.

37 Responses to Bow Mount for GoPro

  1. Tara says:

    Got my mount with only one washer, is this an issue? Sent question to you guys a week or 2 ago, but no response. Thanks, Tara

  2. Ian says:

    Is it standard for right handed bows is there a way to switch for leftys

  3. Dwayne says:

    Are there any cons to shooting with this or using it on a bow? I’m really interested in getting one. But I currently don’t use a stabilizer. Is it only capable of being used with a stabilizer?

    • Chris Stites says:

      You could just purchase a screw the size of the stabilizer hole thread and screw it on that way. We have not noticed any pitfalls to using the camera with mount.

      Thanks for the question,

  4. Wes says:

    I noticed some bow mounts are directly over the stabilizer and yours is offset to the right (for me as I am a left handed/left eye dominant shooter). Any reason for this? Any benefit to the mounts directly over the stabilizer?


    • Chris Stites says:

      The benefit to mine is you can also film yourself. Also I notice when I place it in front of my hands I bust my knuckles every time I shoot. My opinion.

      Thanks for the question,Chris

  5. Bobby says:

    anyone ever report any issues with this affecting the accuracy of the bow after installed? When I put it on I shoot 4″ lower – I take it off and it goes back to normal. I am totally dumbfounded……..

    • Chris Stites says:

      No sir we have never heard of such, I am totally lost as well? Chris

      • It could be that the additional weight of the camera is causing you to unconsciously drop your bow arm on release which will cause you to shoot lower. Make a conscious effort to keep your bow arm raised for a count of three after release and see if it helps.

  6. Chris Persinger says:

    Quick question for you… I shoot right handed with my bow(draw with my right hand). I’m assuming I need the right hand mount? Also does that mount stick off the left side or right side of the bow? Or is it universal where we can position anywhere?

    Chris Perisnger

  7. Layne says:

    What are the dimensions of this mount?
    i.e. length, width, and how wide the pad is where the camera mounts

    • Chris Stites says:

      It is 4 inches from the stabilizer mounting hole to the Gopro mount edge. The pad is same size width and depth of the GoPro flat adhesive mount. Hope that helps?


  8. Jordan says:

    Just wanted to know if you could position camera on bow mount facing the person shooting like backwards. Thanks

  9. Marcel says:

    Just got a a Go Pro for Xmas and wanted to get a mount but it says its illegal here in Utah…wondering if you could shed some light on why. I looked thru the laws and couldn’t find anything that seems to make it illegal. Thank you.

    • Chris says:

      My understanding is use of any electronic device including a mounted video camera is illegal. I saw it on a message board. Sorry for the brief reply but I couldn’t find the details. Chris

      • Marcel says:

        Chris, I finally got in touch with the Utah DWR and they asked their law enforcement officers and they told me that it is legal to mount the GoPro on your bow. You can’t mount a camera that has zoom capabilites or that would give you an advantage. So I was given the ok from the wildlife officials. Will be ordering a mount soon!

      • Chris says:

        Awesome, glad to hear it. I guess we misunderstood. Look forward to seeing an awesome video. Chris

  10. Trent says:

    I am a right handed shooter but, I want the mount and camara on the left side of the bow. Which mount do I need to order?

    • Chris says:


      You can use a right handed bow mount upside down under your hand to have the camera on the left side of the bow.

      Thanks for the question,

  11. Connor says:

    Dose the camera shake alot when you shoot.

  12. Brian says:

    I want to order a bow mount but I’m confused.I am a right-hand shooter. Hold the bow with my left hand and draw with my right. Which mount do I need to order?

  13. Rodney Sunday says:

    Is this mount for the Gopro camera compatable with left-handed bows?


    Rodney Sunday

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